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How the Economy Can Help You Get a Start in Graphic Design


changing your graphic design career


by Bill Long

Graphic design is an incredibly versatile field, which makes it attractive to people looking for a career change. There is such a variety of possibilities within the field that it is definitely worth considering when it’s obvious that a career change has to be made.

Now that the “economic decline” has officially been upgraded to a “recession,” so many Americans are worrying about their jobs. Unfortunately, there is good reason to worry. Literally hundreds of thousands of jobs are being cut across the nation, and for every job that no longer exists, there is a family that needs somewhere else to turn. If you find yourself in this position, you may discover that this was just the motivation you needed to go back to school and pursue a new career path in the graphic design field.

Going Back to School

Going back to school can be intimidating, but there may never be a better time to do it. If you’ve already lost your job due to the current recession, then it may have become clear that you need training in a different field. Celebrities get to “reinvent” themselves all the time, and the economic climate can be your chance to do the same in your own life.

If you don’t already have experience in graphic design, then you will be pleased to learn that you can study it from the ground up by enrolling in a school with a program in the field. Not only that, but many programs offer internships and externships that get you real-life experience working with potential employers. In many cases, graduates actually get hired right into the company where they conducted their internships. Another advantage is that you may even be able to qualify for financial aid to help you reach your goals.

For those who have not yet lost their jobs but are worried, studying a field like graphic design can be a great fallback should the worst happen. Many of the schools offering graphic design programs have courses during the night, so it is possible to keep your job during the day and attend classes at night. If your company ends up being affected by the recession and you lose your job, you can already have learned the skills you need to reinvent yourself as a graphic designer.

Graphic Design Career Options

graphic arts career changeOne of the reasons that graphic design is so appealing in this economy is because of the many different types of jobs that are open to people with the right skills. An educated graphic designer can put his or her talents to work in marketing firms, advertising agencies, web design companies, publishing houses, and more. Many people who have the right skills and abilities even earn money by offering freelance services. This can be a great option for building your portfolio while still in your current position or attending school.

Another benefit of becoming a graphic designer is the fact that the field is still growing. The advent of technology is constantly opening new doors for those with design know-how. Consider the possibilities that have been created through the popularity of video games, for example. Blogs and websites are also examples of media that need to be designed. They often need to be created with a client’s brand in mind, and this can include creating a logo and coming up with design elements that sell a product or an idea.

Print work is another possibility for those who have a graphic design degree. Newspapers and magazines need people who can develop designs for their advertisers. All types of businesses need brochures created, not to mention business cards and other marketing materials.

When it comes to marketing materials, many people think about business cards and logos, but they sometimes forget a lot of the other products that need a graphic designer’s touch. Product packaging, for instance, is incredibly important in helping consumers decide what they want to buy. Posters are another example of marketing that makes a big difference in how money is spent. In addition, billboards and signs offer opportunities. Graphic designers are even used to make television commercials.

Why Make the Career Change?

The economic recession is just one reason to make a career change, but it is a pretty powerful one. With jobs being cut or outsourced to cheaper markets, many Americans are finding themselves unemployed or at risk of becoming unemployed. For many this is a time of fear and insecurity. For others, it is a motivator to make some important life decisions.

If you are not happy with your current job or are in fear of losing it due to the recession, this may be your opportunity to “reinvent” yourself. With an interest in graphics and design, you can leverage an education into a whole new lifestyle for your and your family.



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