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What you need to know about applying to Graphic Design School

A lot of you may be asking what you should know when applying to Graphic Design School. This short video by Katrin Berndt answers general questions about college admissions and what steps you should take before applying.

Tips and General Information

Students should apply for college in the Fall of their senior year.

Students applying for early decision usually submit their applications by the end of October of their senior year.

Rolling Admissions - The admissions offices at these schools review and decide on applications as they are received until there are no openings left.

Be prepared to pay an application fee.

The information section of a college application is only one part of the entire process. You will be asked general questions about yourself and your family.

Many schools prefer online applications but you may want to print out a copy and use it as a rough draft.

Applications are evaluated by course work, GPA, test scores, talents, legacy and geographic locations.

A "legacy" college applicant is one who has had a relative go to the school and may be a plus when applying.

A school may require you write an essay in the application process to learn about a student's character and what makes you unique.

To write a well crafted college application essay you need to learn first person writing and include all your best talents and successes. Make a compelling story about yourself.



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